Bootstrap is used by many web developers and it is quite well known in the web development world. Although it is a good way to use the Bootstrap to design a website, but there are many problems while using it. One of the usual problems with Bootstrap is it end up with lots of DOM elements and thus leading to crammed environment, it does not follow the usual best practices.

You can’t implement Bootstrap if you are dropped in the middle of a running big project. And nonetheless Bootstrap is also considered as quite a heavy framework to deal with. It has got 128KB of CSS and 29 KB of JavaScript. Bootstrap does not offer any type of support. There is no SASS or native support for Compass. As SASS is something every developer wishes to have but Bootstrap is devoid of that. As of recent days Bootstrap is being used by several web developers so by using Bootstrap for your own website you are doing nothing new. Your website will look like just another website.

There are plenty of good reasons to use Bootstrap, but these were the bad qualities of it. Don’t worry, there are many Bootstrap alternatives which can be used more efficiently than Bootstrap. Here in this article we will suggest you with some of the best Bootstrap alternatives. Let’s check out the best Bootstrap alternatives from this list.

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8 Best Bootstrap Alternative for Web Developers:



This is a free and lightweight framework and it is quite well structures and supportable code. Kit can be used to make modals, navigation buttons, dropdown etc. More responsively.



This framework can be used to develop a website which will be able to respond to the smaller screen size. For a responsive website to create Pure can of great usage.

Concise CSS


This is built using MUCH LESS, Stylus and SASS. The CSS maintainability is awesome with Concise CSS. Vanilla CSS can also be developed using this.



This is an amazing tool for developing a website. This is mainly used for mobile friendly sites that is its prime objective is mobility. So a great responsive site can be built.


Tuk Tuk

It is no doubt better than Groundwork or Bootstrap. This framework is quite simple and is also very light weight. TukTuk can be used to modify user interface also.



It is a versatile and responsive framework built with the aid of SASS for speedy web designing. The entire user interface and minutest of the detail can be tweaked with this framework.



This is a swift and versatile framework with the most innovative grid system. It is supported in all both new and old browsers and the work becomes very intuitive with Jeet.


ZURB Foundation for Apps

It is the most competitive rival of Bootstrap till date. It is stable and well documented. It can be ported to SASS and Rails also.