The classified website is a perfect way to earn money online without making any efforts and time on it. But creating a classified website is not an easy task, it requires a lot of diligence, time and dedication to build this. It incorporates a myriad of features and need to consider some issues while developing a classified website.

Here we have compiled a list of online tools that have many features and tool or techniques that assist you in building a classified website with various options or features. So let’s have a look on these tools to have a knowledge of these.


12 Best Tools for Creating Classified Websites:

Sofa Front Post:

It is a tool to build a classified website. By adding it on the web page enabled you to access the content in order in the way you intend in the classified website. It offers you many customize features and widgets.


It is a free or the best tool to create a classified website. With the help of this tool, you may create the classified website without bothering of technical issues or development knowledge. This website is very responsive and looks good if run on mobile devices.

WP Adverts:

It is a WordPress plug-in that converts any website into a professional website. It is compatible with advanced tools and work great with WP theme.

Another WordPress Classified Plug-in:

It is simple and easy to use to create a classified website along with all basic features and plug-in. Certain features that it incorporates are creating ads, manage notification and pay the dues.


It is an open source application. It is built with PHP-MySQL to create and manage a classified website. It may be used to display any number of items with the categorizing interface. It has flexible and customize the interface.

Classified Engine:

It is a WordPress theme. It offers you straightforward or simple features that keep the user happy. It comes with powerful built-in features that assist you in creating a best visual interface.


It is a manageable Classified CMS that comes with many features such as user management, custom theme support, bulk email support and so forth.


It is robust and flexible WordPress theme that assists you in creating a classified website. It has easy navigation where you may find all bearings easily and may add ads on the web page the way you intend.


It has a premium WordPress theme which is built with HTML5 and CSS. It has a flexible and responsive design. It comes with many features such as Paypal integration, Google Maps integration and many more.

Classified Local Search Engine:

It provides you all basic information about location such where is the restaurant, hotels, ATM machine and many more. You may also access millions of ratings and reviews which assist in making the decision.

Open Classifieds:

It is open source PHP script which assists you in creating classified websites in a minute. You may customize it according to need and also access the whole source code. It is equipped with powerful management tool and also integrated with social features.

Classified Made Easy:

It is lightweight and PHP based script to build classified website along with all advanced features. It also has API that enhances its inner functionality.