Code Editors is basically utilized to edit the code in the programming used by the developers. It is basically a standalone application and builds into IDE or web browser. There are numerous text editors available in the market which having different functionality or features. Some text editor’s offer limited functionality, but certain others offer a great functionality. The text editor with limited functionality makes them easy to use, but it is tedious to perform complex tasks. The text editor with a great functionality makes it more unique from the text editor and more powerful. You can perform as many tasks as you can, but they are more complex so not easy to handle.

These text editors are very helpful in handling the tasks and it is most useful in programming. You can edit the code at any stage of the programming and whatever you intend to change in programming you can do it in easy steps as well as without hassle. Text editors are greatly used by programmers since of its simplicity and easy to perform tasks.

Now in the market different types of text editors are available with a great number of functionality and features. The workings of each editor are different from each other, but certain of them have the same functionality.

Let’s have a look on different types of source code editors. We also came to know what is their functionality or features and how we can deal with the source code editors efficiently.

source code editors

12 Best Source Code Editors for Developers:


It is just a replacement of Notepad which supports several languages and is also free source code editor. It incorporates several advanced features such as Tabbed Editing, Split Screen Editing, Drag & Drop, File Comparison, Plug-in Support and many more. It also offers syntax folding and highlighting support for programming, markup, and scripting language.


It is a programmer text editor which has been written in java. It is open source text editor. It also supports hundreds of plug-in and macros. The main window can be split vertically or horizontally and also includes auto indent or syntax highlighting features.

Crimson Editor:

It is professional source code editor only meant for window. They are small in size and also require less loading time. It also incorporates several most powerful features such as HTML, C/C++, and Java etc.


It is just replacement of Notepad written in C as well as Window API. It is very simple with added features such as Tabbed Editing, Customization, Bookmarking, Word Wrapping and many more.


It is powerful and simple text editor. It offers a feature that assist you in creating websites using advanced web technology. It incorporates many localizations and extensions such as HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript etc.

Komodo Edit:

It is open source as well as effective source code editor of well known Komodo Ide. It comes with latest features such as customize syntax coloring, folding, background syntax checking. It also supports several programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript which can be used to develop other products.

EditPad Lite:

It is general purpose or compact text editor. It can edit easily any kind of plain text file. Through this text editor, you may edit any number of a text file at the same time.


It is more accessible or lighter form of text editor. It is only available in English and does not support professional features. It offers several advanced features such as syntax coloring and navigation function for many languages.

RJ TextEd:

It is source code editor that supports Unicode system. It is a powerful web developer editor. It also supports all the advanced features of the text editor.


It is a complete web authoring system. Its user interface is very easy to use and also useful for non-computer persons who really intend to build apps without requiring knowing HTML coding.

Sublime Text:

It is source code editor with cross-platform as well as Python API. It is proprietary software and its functionality is extendable with plug-ins. These software packages are community built and free license software.


It is open-source code editor built with PHP and JavaScript. It offers features such as real-time color highlighting, can edit more documents at the same time and it also contains file up loader or browser.