PHP poll script is use to create Schedule polls, Customize poll appearance and multiple choice questions with possible answers.  Do you know how Poll helps to site owners and developers? It is basically help owners to understand the audience of their sites and the exact feedback to enhance their business. Are you looking for best PHP poll scripts? Don’t worry in this article we have listed best PHP poll scripts which helps to improve interactivity between owners and visitors by delivering the exact feedback and to get clear that what a visitor exactly want from the site owners.

PHP Poll Scripts

12 Best PHP Poll Scripts for Developers:-

  1. Poll Ajax: –

Poll Ajax is a vibrant and extensive polling system often using My SQL and PHP. This script comes with an installation process to create database manually. By using this script you can simply insert & use polls into any page.

  1. Flipper Roll: –

This is one of the simple and best PHP poll scripts for developers. It is very lightweight poll script that can install by integrated installation but also has backend administrator panel. You can add unlimited options and use it in different styles.

  1. Poll Creator: –

Poll creator is also suitable and best PHP Poll Scripts for developers. This script offers you ways to create polls and display them on websites, complete with membership system and stats.

  1. Puerto poll script: –

This is an awesome My SQL based script allows you to create polls with so many styles and colours. This script has built by using web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and PHP5.

  1. Smart survey: –

This is convenient and best PHP poll scripts for developers especially for the field of applied statistics. This technique associated with survey data collection techniques and also some methods for improving accuracy of responses and number of surveys.

  1. Pro polls: –

Pro polls are basically a powerful script design to create premium polls to gain a valuable feedback. This script is powered by PHP and MY SQL to protect you against powerful codeigniter PHP framework, CSRF attacks.

  1. Survey engine: –

This is best PHP poll script help you to setup easy and quickly. Survey engine offers us two way table analyses, easy to translate any language and admin authentication as well.

  1. Paragon poll: –

If you want to do an efficient opinion sampling and public survey then it can be easily done with the help of paragon poll. This is one of the best PHP poll scripts which Suggest options to admin panel for better assessment.

  1. JAX poll: –

JAX poll is a best polling widget for the websites. In this we just need to add few lines in HTML of web page after uploading the code. This script doesn’t need any post installation setup and database. It will automatically upload the JQuery library if you are not using it before.

  1. Flexible poll: –

This is one of the best PHP poll scripts and poll management system. You can publish it on any of the web pages and you can create awesome polls results as .xml and .pdf files according your wish or requirement.

  1. Vote it up: –

This is Best PHP poll scripts which allow visitors to vote for pictures, articles and posts on your websites. Vote it Up is very easy to customize because in this you just need to configure URL of your website into Configuration file. This is very smooth PHP poll components and scripts don’t need any coding.

  1. EZ poll: –

EZ poll is very easy to Use PHP poll script and best interface for web applications. This is a wonderful comes up with many options like limiting votes per day and time sensitive polls.