Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a picture file format that is used pictures on bitmap graphic and web in the software programs. Well, the GIFs compression only reduces the size of a file not the image quality if you are compared it with JPEG. For the standard GIF image, there is maximum of 256 colors are included. As you know about the animated GIF file is a graphic image that moves on a web.

The Image compression tools are so useful and help you a lot without any issue. These tools permit you to resize, compress and edit your images. With these perfect tools which are given below, makes web application and websites to load quickly for your visitors. GIFs compression tools saves your time. And GIFs optimization tools also play an important role by compressing and resizing your GIF images. Here are listed 12 best GIFs compression tools.

12 Best GIFs Compression Tools

12 Best GIFs Compression Tools:

1. ImageOptim–

GIFs Compression Tools

ImageOptim is a perfect tool that helps in publishing pictures on the website. This is use to make iPhone Pad applications so smaller.

2. FileOptimizer–

GIFs Compression Tools

FileOptimizer is one of the intelligent GIFs compression tools. It compresses the GIF file with optimization techniques. This is not only used to interface and shrinks file but also used for the audio and video.

3. GIFmicro–

GIFs Compression Tools

GIFmicro has 2 modes one is Lossless compression mode and other one is Lossless compression mode. Lossless compression mode only reduces the file size not the image quality. As Lossy compression mode reduces both size plus quality of the image.

4. Shrink Pictures–

GIFs Compression Tools

Shrink Pictures is the best GIFs compression tools. It permits you to select the level of compression, also resize the images. It is ready to support such as PNG, GIF and JPG.

5. EzGif:

GIFs Compression Tools

EzGif works as to reduce the color in each and every frame of compressed GIF file size. It only uses maximum of 256 unique colors.


GIFs Compression Tools is a brilliant GIFs compression tools. It only reduces the size of the pictures but maintain the image quality before and after compression.

7. GIFReducer–

GIFs Compression Tools

GIFReducer reduces the several colors from the GIF image or file. It only works to make the smaller files. But it can improve the quality of an image.

8. GIFMaker–

GIFs Compression Tools

GIFMaker is an excellent GIFs compression tools. It reduces the animated gif file size that you can upload.

9. GIF Optimizer–

GIFs Compression Tools

GIF Optimizer helps to optimize the GIF file for the website. There is color reduction option is available that can help you to develops the smaller GIF.

10. PunnyPNG–

GIFs Compression Tools

PunnyPNG is the best GIFs compression tools that can only reduce the file size of image not the quality. It helps you to convert your image that further it looks better and get best results. It supports GIF, PNG and JPEG.

11. Shrink O’Matic–

GIFs Compression Tools

Shrink O’Matic has a special AIR application that can helps to resize the images. It also supports PNG, GIF and JPG.

12. Riot–

GIFs Compression Tools

It stands for the Radical Image Optimization Tool and one of the best GIFs compression tools. It is so easy to use and has lightweight. You can control the number of colors and compression. It is so easy to choose the image format such as GIF, PNG and JPG for the result file.