The meteor is basically an open source and a javascript based application program which has been written using Node.js. It generates cross-platform code which allows rapid prototyping. It utilizes distributed data protocol as well as a publish-subscribe pattern which automatically propagates changes in data to clients without needing of the developer. The meteor is integrated with MongoDB. It relies on the query and may be utilized by Javascript UI library.

Here we have compiled a list of various meteor tools that will assist you in development. It has some latest tools or features which make it more powerful and unique from other tools.

Meteor Tools for Web Developers

15 Best Meteor Tools for Web Developers:

Meteor Tooltips:

It embeds the template tooltips with master tooltips and attaches the tooltip with the tooltip text.


It is a testing framework for meteor with rich features. With the help of this tool, you may simply write a test that can interact with both client and server. It is against the real applications.


It is a scaffolding tool that automatically creates files, project structure as well as code.


It is testing framework or community which allows for testing components that to be shared across the distinct testing framework. The package incorporates Cucumber, Casper, and Robot etc.


It lets you edit or view the client side document in the browser. It automatically finds out the collections and displays it. Through this tool, you may enable to edit, update or insert the documents.

Meteor Toys:

It is a handy or premium package tool that makes the meteor development very easy. It has a graphic interface with a lot more features.

Meteor Kitchen:

It is a code producer for Meteor.j’s. It assists you in building Meteorological Applications with features like directory structure, layouts, pages, collections and so forth.

Meteor Panel:

It is added at the top of the tabs of the Dev tools. During development to reload the panel we reopen or close the Dev tools.


It is designed to work with meteor which is based on the mocha testing framework. It may enable to run multiple application instances and also able to run test cases on the server or client side in a real environment.

Meteor Pdftk:

It is a command line tool that works with PDF document.

Meteor Tools for Visual Studio:

This tool integrates meteor with visual studio and offers developers templates, syntax highlighting, and many more things.

Power Queue:

It is meteor packages which are used for memory backed job queue processing. It incorporates many features such as retry failed tasks, managing queues and so forth.

Starry Night:

It is management tool which is used in building as well as managing meteor applications. For the system architect, it offers you a minimalistic command line.


It is command line or meteor package tool that assists you in building or running command line programs.


It is agnostic tools to build powerful as well as strong layouts. It offers you language or grid, which you can use relying on the requirements.