PHP is a very popular programming language and is admired by many professional programmers across the world. PHP is a must have language for web development and web app programs. PHP is used by many IT professionals in every aspect of their work. It has brought a revolution in the web development and web application creation.

PHP is considered as the best alternative and it is a robust language and can be also used for bigger extensive projects. PHP offers a wide range of options for its development. Here in this article we have very carefully selected eight PHP libraries which are the best among the free available PHP libraries found on the web. The best PHP libraries are as follows:


Top 8 PHP Libraries For Developers:


It is a well-structured and modular PHP library which is mostly used for the purpose of bridging the gap between research and industrial work. Hoa can be used to create web applications effortlessly.


Whoops is used by many web developers to maintain their big projects and to enhance the quality of the work. It is easy to fix different types of errors with whoops. It is a user friendly tool and it integrates with the project very easily.


This is another version of the popular Underscore.js and it also includes matching unit tests. You need to have PHP 5.3 or superior version to use this tool. It is a fully open source tool under MIT licensing.


Alice is a great tool to create fake data or fixtures for developing or testing the project in hand. It has the ability to generate complex data and its framework helps in data reading very easily and effortlessly.


It is very fast tool and is best for those who needs a flexible engine. It has the capacity to process over 2500 requests per second.

Idiorm and Paris:

It is a powerful tool to use and can do multiple tasks with great efficiency. It is the best database toolkit one can use. It is a combination of relational mapper and record implementation.


Imagine is basically used for image management in PHP 5.3 or better.


It is an extremely lightweight tool to use. It is very easy and can be operated very smoothly. It can be used to utilize low level HTTP classes directly.