JQuery is a JavaScript library that doesn’t have its own syntax. JQuery, Prototype, Dojo, MooTools and many other libraries can’t judge as a language. A library JQuery used to simplify HTML document traversing, animations, event handling and Ajax interactions for the fast website development. It simplifies the client side scripting of HTML plus Web 2.0 applications development. As it works on several web browsers.

JQuery plugin is a method that we use to enlarge prototype object of JQuery. Well, the idea of plugin is to do great with the set of elements. The jQuery horizontal scroll plugins permits you to develop horizontal special effects for your websites. In this article we are informing you about 15 jQuery horizontal scroll plugins. With these plugins you can scroll your website pages and contents horizontally. The sites look beautiful and distinctive as you compare with other websites.

The jQuery horizontal scroll plugins are so simple to use and integrated to your websites. Well, it helps you to accomplish such as animated effects for your websites. We have compiled here 15 jQuery horizontal scroll plugins.

jQuery Horizontal Scroll Plugins

15 Best jQuery Horizontal Scroll Plugins:-

  1. Scroll Magic

Scroll Magic is essential for you to use the scroll bar same as a progress bar.

  • First, you start an animation at a particular scroll position.
  • Then you can synchronize an animation to the movement of scrollbar.
  • You can pin an element at a particular scroll position.
  • After that you can pin an element for the partial quantity of scroll progress.
  • Simply add up the parallax effect to your website.
  • Develop an infinitely scrolling page.
  1. JInvertScroll

JlnvertScroll is one of the jQuery horizontal scroll plugins. It’s a lightweight plugin that permits you to shift in a horizontal with parallax effect while you are scrolling down. This is so simple to set up and requires no configuration.

  1. Smooth Div Scroll

Smooth Div Scroll that scroll content horizontally right or left. It doesn’t border the scrolling to separate steps. Well, smooth and unobtrusive is the key here.

  1. Sly

Sly is one of the jQuery horizontal scroll plugins. This is one directional scrolling which is based on navigation support. It is used a great navigation and simple scrollbar replacement.

  1. jQuery SerialScroll

It permits you to animate any sequence of elements by scrolling them. It simply uses jQuery.Scroll to get the scrolling animation.

  1. js

FullPage.js is one of the jQuery horizontal scroll plugins. It is to develop the full screen scrolling websites in an easy way.

  1. js

HorizontalScroll.js permits you for the websites to scroll horizontally left or right.

  1. jQuery Custom Content Scroller

JQuery Custom Content Scroller has many features mouse wheel support, scroll easing and vertical/horizontal scrolling.

  1. NiceScroll

NiceScroll is one of the jQuery horizontal scroll plugins supports textarea, document page scrollbars, DIVs and IFrames. It supports both horizontal and vertical scrollbar.

  1. Tiny Scrollbar

Tiny Scrollbar is an elegant and nice way to scroll the content on desktop or mobile devices. It is simply designed to be a lightweight utility.

  1. PageScroll Menu

PageScroll Menu is a landing page and one page website. It provides a flat scrolling animation.

  1. jQuery Kinetic

It is one of the jQuery horizontal scroll plugin which adds the flat drag scrolling.

  1. Horwheel

Horwheel is one of the tools to scroll in a horizontal direction with a mouse wheel.

  1. Optiscroll

Optiscroll is a highly optimized scroll bar library. It adds some custom events. This is the method to enlarge browser scroll functionalities.

  1. Perfect Scrollbar

Perfect Scrollbar is a scrollable region which works both for horizontal and vertical scroll.