The Linux has been dominating the present computing world. You could find Linux everywhere right from the desktop computers to space technology. Now, you can address the mobile operating systems based on Linux. Added to that, you could find that, the government organizations have been shifting to Linux because of its limitless features and specifications. Among the various operating systems, I have explained the five top-class mobile operating systems based on Linux, which you can read.

Linux Based Mobile Operating Systems

5 Best Linux Based Mobile Operating Systems:


You cannot find anyone who simply does not know Android. Since, the android mobile operating system is now commanding the smartphone industry. Being it a Google product, the android OS is widely using in numerous mobiles.Using the Google’s Android OS, one can develop dashing smartphones at reasonable rates. Android is an open source OS and it is based on the Linux Kernel. Android codes are easily accessible by anyone and they can modify the codes according to their needs and demands. You no need to have special training or knowledge to access or customize the android code. Rather, you can make alterations on the code just like that. This is why the android operating system is familiar.

Firefox OS

Very recently, Mozilla was shifted to Firefox OS from Boot to Gecko OS. As you all know that, the Linux based mobile OS is absolutely open source and connects all the open standards. This operating system operates and executes by the assistance of HTML5 application. In the coming days, Mozilla is planned to introduce the smartphones with Firefox OS. The Mozilla Company is still in discussion about their plan with companies like LG, Orange, ZTE, Panasonic, Deutsche Telekom and several other companies. Obviously, you can anticipate the smartphones with Firefox OS in future days.

Sailfish OS

The credit goes to Nokia developers for creating this Sailfish operating system. It is also an open source operating system. Due to some reasons, the Nokia Companywas planned to close all the open source projects. This operating system is derived from MeeGo.Itis utterly based on Mer Open Source Technology.

Ubuntu Touch

Canonical company reports to the media that, they are going to launch a mobile phone with the Ubuntu operating system. Normally, Ubuntu is an open source and desktop operating system. The Ubuntu has flawless features and specifications in it. Also, a user can easily customize this OS in accordance with his needs. This company is very much interested in creating the combined open source platform for all such computing devices. The company is now planning to introduce their first Ubuntu phone and Ubuntu touch device by the end of this fiscal year.

Plasma Mobile

It is a recently launched Linux based mobile operating system. But the operating system is actually based on Kubuntu. This OS has the ability to be on the top of the list of open source mobile operating system. The KDE community contributes dynamically to the development of plasma mobile operating system. You can expect more devices with plasma mobile OS in the near future.