HTTP is a protocol that is intended for sending documents back & forth over the World Wide Web. And a protocol is the benefit of rules that are used to recognize which messages can be transferred & which are suitable answers to further queries. For fetching emails on your hard drive, POP3 procedure is there.

There are lots of ways and means to access which can be used to accomplish numerous activities associated to HTTP requests. Many of you might have heard about cURL library that is allowed on most of the servers and the HTTP request is one such group which can be used for sending requests also.

In this post, we have covered best libraries that can be utilized to send HTTP requests within PHP code. These PHP Libraries will certainly simplify your tasks, so check them out below:

9 Best PHP Libraries To Send HTTP Requests

9 Best PHP Libraries To Send HTTP Requests:


php vcr

With PHP VCR, you can record your check suite’s HTTP interactions and replay them all through forthcoming test runs for quick, relative and precise tests. It automatically records & replays HTTP(s) collaborations with small setup and make no revisions to your vital production code. Recorded requests and responses can naturally be examined and corrected.



Guzzle takes the pain out of sending HTTP needs and the redundancy out of making web service clients. It is a framework that includes tools required for developing a tough web service client, containing: Resource iterators for traversing paginated assets, Service reports for outlining the inputs & outputs of an API, batching for move a big amount of requests as capably as possible.

Buzz react

buzz react

Simple async HTTP client for synchronously help with numerous HTTP servers, downloading files, fetching URLs, following redirect, talking to RESTful APIs etc. all at the similar time.



Httpful is a meek & legible PHP library envisioned to create speaking HTTP well-balanced. It let the developer to concentrate on combination with APIs instead of selecting through curl set opt pages and is an ideal PHP REST client which comes with several helpful features like request templates, client side certificate auth, vital auth, custom headers,  automatic payload run & more.

Simple Http Client

simple http client

This is a quite handy PHP library which is used to make easy HTTP requests from PHP and is available as open source software in the MIT License.



PHP Http Client is HTTP client that has been formed purely in PHP only (100% PHP) & does not make use of cURL or any other outside libraries.



Goutte is a web crawling library for PHP which can also be used for screen scraping. It comes with a nice API to crawl & fetch data from HTML reply.



Unirest is a package of playful HTTP libraries for many languages (Java, Python, PHP, Ruby& Objective-C) and supports DELETE, POST GET, update, PUT operations. Methods and reply structure of Unirest are like in all language.



Buzz is a frivolous HTTP client that can be used to keep & restore data, which is compatible for the novices to learn more concerning the working of HTTP clients in an easy way.