PHP is the most popular programming language across the globe. It is used as high as 39 per cent of website and around 2.1 million servers are built by using PHP. It is a very powerful programming language and is admired by all the programmers. Web developer uses PHP extensively in their work and to make their PHP works more functional they use many PHP tools. There are many PHP tools which make the job of a programmer a lot easier and behind every successful programmer there are few amazing PHP tools. Here in this article we will discuss about some of the best PHP tools found absolutely free in the web. The best PHP tools for analysing and parsing code are as follows:

php tools for analysing and parsing code


PHP Mess Detector is a very handy tool to use and the name of its java counterpart is PMD. This tool is easy to configure and is extremely user-friendly with interactive user interface. The tool scans for potential bad areas in your code and also detects bugs and sub-optimal codes.


This is a PHP copy paste detector tool. It is very useful in case of bigger projects. With this tool you can analyse your code and prevents repetitive errors and calls. It is easily configurable and tests the code with accuracy.


This is a swift and consistent tool to use for your PHP codes. It has got some premium features to explore and is best when used by a professional programmer.


It is an open source tool which helps the developers to maintain the code conventions in PHP. It scans the input PHP source code and checks any violation of standards. It is handy tool for beginners to understand the basic testing and analysing of PHP codes.

PHP Sandbox:

It is once again a very handy tool to use and is very efficient in preventing sandbox code from running unsafe codes.

PHP Markdown:

PHP Markdown is a library bundle that incorporates PHP Markdown Parser a PHP Markdown additional. The apparatus games number of extra highlights as well. Markdown is a discussion instrument that changes over even content to HTML. The apparatus is extremely valuable for web designers. You can without much of a stretch compose code utilizing simple to-peruse content arrangement and after that change over the apparatus in organized XHTML structure.


Sabberworm is a parser for CSS records written in PHP. The instrument lets designers extricate CSS records in information structure and permits them to control the structure and gives yield document in CSS form.

PHP Analyzer:

This analyser device performs comparable examination assignments that compiler preferences. You can utilize PHP analyser to perform interface or other stream investigation. This apparatus examines each line of code and each potential execution way also. PHP Analyser works in sort, stream and different investigations. The yield is a report that helps you enhance your code and fix bugs.