PHP is an exceptionally famous programming dialect and is appreciated by numerous expert developers over the world. PHP is an unquestionable requirement have dialect for web advancement and web application programs. PHP is utilized by numerous IT experts as a part of each part of their work. It has gotten an insurgency the web improvement and web application creation. PHP is considered as the best option and it is a hearty dialect and can be likewise utilized for greater broad activities.

PHP offers an extensive variety of alternatives for its advancement. The resources which is available in PHP is way too dull and so you might be looking for websites with rich resources for better PHP website or app development. Here in this article we have listed out 7 resourceful website which can be of great use for your PHP projects.

PHP Related Websites

7 Useful PHP Related Websites:

PHP the Right Way:

This website has an abysmal range of resources and information in it. It can be a great source of knowledge for PHP developers. It is a very simple easy to navigate website and provides the user with a standard of proper coding. It has also embedded links to many tutorials which is very handy for new PHP users.

PHP Best Practises:

There are constantly some repetition of errands in programming dialect. This site gives specific assets that expect to tackle the issue that you are confronting in the improvement of your code. You can learn part of new stuff on how MySQL& PHP collaborate and also some very useful tutorials.

Securing PHP:

This site contains everything you need to know about security of PHP. For securing a PHP code we need an in depth knowledge about it and this website has all of it in it. It also contains e-books which can be a very useful thing in a PHP developer’s hand.

PHP Security:

PHP Security is an extraordinary online documentation that shades light on present situation with PHP security. There are fascinating subjects on the site that help you comprehend the PHP security threats.

PHP Fig:

This is an open source community with thousands of PHP professionals from across the world. It deals with the commonalities of different PHP projects and finds a way to make those projects work together and dual implementation of those bigger projects.


Gaining from an accomplished individual is much less demanding than gaining from own encounters. PHP UG is stage to gain from online courses, instructional exercises and so forth. PHP Users Group site helps you discover other professionals in your nearby area, you can discover individuals of comparable premiums and go-to them for learning and mingling. This site helps you meet PHP specialists in true.

Seven PHP:

This is a blog site which is run by professional PHP developers. It is a place where many experienced professionals share their experience and wisdom from which the developers can learn. It also contain many useful resources which can be extremely useful to any PHP developer.