Online website builders are basically a website which helps in building and designing a website. This website has got pre built structures which are used in creating a website. There are many features which help in developing a website within just a few clicks. With the software and tools present on the web building website you can develop a website even if you don’t know a single line of programming. Using a web designing site for developing a website is best for beginners and for those who has less idea of programing. These free websites provide some of the high quality services and features to the users making it a cake walk for them to build a website on their own.

With a good website, a user can build a premium quality website and it is supported with lots of extra features. You don’t need to have expertise knowledge about programming and complexity of a website while using these web building sites. There are loads of online website builders available on the web for free, but choosing the right one for your task is a hard job. So here in this article we will present you with a list of ten best free online website builders of 2015. The list has been made very carefully considering each and every aspect and is according to expert advice and recommendations.

Top 10 Best Free Online Website Builders:


SIte 123

Site123 is one of the best free online website builders which provides great functionality for the users to create website easily. You don’t need to have any coding or designing skills just go to Site123 and enter your content with drag and drop feature and you are done.



This is an extremely flexible and powerful online website builder. You don’t need any technical experience to use this site. All you need is to click and you website is ready.



It provides with all the essential things you need to have while building your professional website. Users don’t need to know much about programming and this builder site gives ultimate user friendly experience.



This is an extremely useful site, with extra features and has a very simple interface, thus allowing the user the full freedom of creativity and innovation while building their site.



You need to know HTML for using this and it has got a simple drag and drop facility.


IM Free

This website has made web designing easier than before and it allows the user to enjoy the experience of creating their own website with very less difficulty. It is easy to share and promote to the world with this site.



It has got the unique element of Social Bar which is included to get likes and shares for the posts which are given in your website. Nowadays social media response has become a big thing under consideration so this feature is a useful one for the users.



It is considered as the best website building site. It is also having simple drag and drop facility enabling the user to do according to their creativity. The stats and figures for this website is amazing making it number one site for website building.



This is the best website to build a responsive site and is powered by HTML5. The website is helpful in making sites which can be accessed from PC, tablet and mobiles.



This is a simple site which allows the user to create and develop websites of their own. It is quite simple and is absolutely free of cost.


snap pages

This is again a wonderful site for creating websites and is available free of cost. This website has many new features like dimensions, typography and more.