Before some days, the mobile developers were facing the issues like conflicting CSS and HTML code and cross-browser compatibility. Now, you can see the dramatic enhancement in the mobile development field because of the arrival of new and easy Javascript frameworks. These frameworks are light in weight and permit a user to browse quickly in some minutes. There are various Javascript frameworks are there for mobile development. Among the many scripts, I have explained ten easy to use frameworks below. Just read on.

Javascript Frameworks

10 Javascript Frameworks to Improve Your Mobile Development:

JQuery Mobile:

This is a widely using Javascript framework for mobile development. This framework could easily transfer the semantic markup language into a user-friendly format. No heavy coding is needed for this query. It has limitless graphical elements and a widget library and these features make the operation very simple in touch phones. With this query, a mobile developer can simply incorporate the sliders and switches into the mobile.

The M Project:

You can indulge the latest and upgraded features of HTML5 using this framework. This framework comes with mode view controller (MVC) architecture. Using the MVC, the mobile developer can easily separate the information from the business logic. This tool is open module type. Using this framework, one can create web applications for multiple devices such as tablets, computers and smartphones.

Appcelerator Titanium:

If you want a Javascript framework to group the effects of cloud computing and dependability of the open source effortlessly, you have to consider using this framework. Using this framework, one can develop mobile applications for Android and Apple phones. Because of this framework, you can easily get in touch with mobile cameras and file manager.

Sencha Touch:

Using this Javascript framework, one can develop mobile applications for various operating systems like the kindle, iOS, BlackBerry OS and Android. This framework contains the Ext JS Javascript Library, which makes the operation easy and gesture friendly.


It is solely designed for the mobile webkit browsers such as Chrome and Safari. Using this framework, one can develop mobile applications rapidly and easily. The intention of designing this framework is to keep the things to the point and accurate. It is extremely light and quick to use.


Using this HTML5 framework, one can develop the designs for touch devices and smartphones. No heavy coding is needed for this framework. It contains an easy-to-use user interface. This framework allows a developer to toss out various types of applications for various mobile platforms.


If you want to develop the gaming applications for mobiles, you could use this Javascript framework. You can create the touchscreen friendly games using this HTML Javascript. The games designed using this script can be played on both applications and browsers.


This framework can be used to develop mobile applications for jQuery mobiles. Using a widget library in this framework, the semantic markup language will be easily converted into a gesture friendly format. The only drawback is that, the applications created using the jQTouch framework will operate only on the small screens.


For creating magazine style layouts, this would be the best framework to consider. This framework employs CSS and standard compliant HTML, which allows the layouts to actively fit into various devices and browsers. You can design an array of applications using this framework.


If you do not want to create a mobile friendly platform and you want to just convert the desktop friendly platform into mobile friendly platform, you should consider using this framework. It is an open source module and contains a WordPress version. These two things are the extra comforts for the mobile application developers.