The technology related to internet is getting so advanced that now anyone having average knowledge about computers can build their own website and start an online business very easily. This has become possible only with the help of WordPress. It is a content management system, through which you can manage your website by adding important content such as text, images, and links.

To enhance the capabilities of a website, various plugins are also provided by WordPress so that the owner of site can customize it according to use. The WordPress footer plugins are one of the most important tools used for describing copyright details and links for important web pages.

12 Best WordPress Footer Plugins

Generally the web developers ignores footer section while building up a website but it is an important part for making a website much impressive. In the footer part of web page, you can place much useful information such as links about the related post which is currently open or the record of visitors. Using these powerful WordPress footer plugins can also reduce bounce rate at minimum level. To create a meaningful footer for your website, a list of 12 best plugins is provided below:-

12 Best WordPress Footer Plugins are:

  • Footer putter

wordpress footer plugins

This footer plugin is capable of creating two different widgets on the footer of your website which are copyright widget and trademarks widget. You can also add terms & conditions, privacy policy and contact details in the footer section with the help of this plugin. An address section can also be included where the developer can enter the details of postal and email address so that users can contact with site owners easily. It supports HTML 5 automatically according to the Google recommendations.

  • Royal footer bar

wordpress footer plugins

This plugin is currently one of the widely used tools for building impressive footers for websites. The royal footer bar is highly customizable plugin which is professionally designed with fully responsive features. Some of the interesting features of this footer plugin are:-

  • You can create unlimited ads, social bars and opt-in.
  • Gaily analytical report
  • Specific page level targeting
  • The updated 2.0 version Google ad sense codes.
  • WP leFooter

wordpress footer plugins

This is among the unique WordPress footer plugins that has slide up feature. Just like royal footer, it is also highly customizable to integrate with any kind of website easily. It contains 5 predefined themes and textures that can be selected according to the website’s content nature. You can divide the footer section in to 4 sections with the help of this useful. If you want to make your footer more attractive then there is also an option to add animation effect.

  • Genesis footer builder

wordpress footer pluginsThe genesis footer builder is an easily customizable footer plugin that doesn’t require any kind of programming knowledge. This powerful tool allows you to use HTML markup and short codes for customization. This footer builder allows you to specify brand name, copyright details, privacy policies and disclaimers just by dragging them to the footer portion. With the help of some short codes, you can also enhance its appearance and capabilities.

  • YITH footer banner

wordpress footer plugins

This plugin for footer customization has capability of creating high converting footer banners that are customizable according to website’s content. Just download and install this plugin, and it only need the activation approval to configure with your website. The YITH footer banner is available on the official website of WordPress in 2 languages which are English and Italian.

  • Insert headers and footers

wordpress footer plugins

If you are searching for WordPress footer plugins that are simple to use and easily understandable interface then this plugin is best one. It enables the user to insert codes like Google Analytics, Facebook pixels and many more. The user must have knowledge of code language for inserting important scripts. You can insert any code of HTML or script of java through this WordPress footer plugin.

  • Beaver builder header footer

wordpress footer plugins

The beaver header footer builder allows you to customize the footer of your website in an attractive manner. It has a settings option through which you can customize both header and footer of a page just like you want. Currently it comes with 4 attractive themes that can be used according to website’s demand. Beaver is also providing many other powerful plugins for WordPress users for building alerts, cards or expandable rows etc.

  • Footer mega grid columns

wordpress footer plugins

As illustrated from name, this footer plugin is very helpful in creating multiple grid columns while creating a footer of website. To place this grid plugin in the footer part of web page, you need to add a short code which is:-

<?php if( function_exists(‘slbd_display_widgets’) ) { echo slbd_display_widgets(); } ?>

Due to its highly integrating features, you can also add third party widgets in it.

  • HayyaBuild

wordpress footer plugins

Hayya build is one of the best ways to build headers and footers of any website on WordPress. This plugin enables the user to build powerful footer as well as header of website easily by just copy and paste the elements. It doesn’t require any third party plugins to work, you just need to drag and drop the elements and they will automatically configure with this tool. With the help of hayya build, you can create footer for every single page of website individually.

  • Header, footer and post injections

wordpress footer plugins

This is a multi functional plugin of WordPress that is useful for enhancing the capability of a web page. This is among the WordPress footer plugins that lets you to add tracking code, Google DFP code, Google Analytics, Facebook pixel and many more functions without using any other plugin. Just copy the codes and paste in desired section to manage all the services at one platform. Along with providing amazing customizations for footer, it also provides injection features to inject banners over post.

  • Ninja footers

wordpress footer plugins

While talking about internal linking tools that enable the web developer to customize the footer of a web page then ninja footer comes at top position. It comes with some advanced features through which you can define the position of footer and its appearance. With the help of some short codes, you can also create slide shows of information provided in footer section of the website.

  • Add to footer

wordpress footer plugins

This plugin of WordPress needs HTML and JavaScript codes for the implementations of footer information on web page. You can add various themes through this tool and there is no need to enter coded again and again while changing them. It just needs one time implementation of settings and you will be free to customize the footer in future without adding new script or codes.