JavaScript is one such language which is useful for each and every programmer in this world. It has its special features and it utter simplicity attracts the programmers to use this particular programming language. It is very easy to write code on Java Script. For a programmer, JavaScript libraries can make a whole lot of difference in the final output. So you need to have a good JavaScript library to develop good applications and software.

There are many free best JavaScript libraries available in the internet which can be of many different uses. With JavaScript libraries, programming is much easier and it creates an ultimate quality program. The programmers can relax and do less work if they use good JavaScript libraries. Here in this article we will present you with a list of the best JavaScript libraries available on the internet. The list has been made very carefully and is according expert advice and recommendations from professional programmers. The JavaScript libraries are as follows:

10 Best JavaScript Libraries For Web Developers:


io.js - JavaScript I-O

IO.js could be a Chrome V8 run-time power-driven JavaScript platform. The project is predicated on Node.js platform and also the compatibility of IO.js is kind of high. These platforms guarantees quicker and sure unleash cycle. The platform offers an open governance model. The platform brings latest languages; API and performance enhancements to V8 engine, whereas change libuv and alternative libraries.


intercooler.js - Simple AJAX using HTML attributes

This is a natural mark-up language extended version. Developer’s area unit aware of straightforward attributes of mark-up language platform that makes the event easier with Intercooler.js. This platform uses JavaScript to speak with the server and it sends mythical being racists in acquainting syntax to the application.



This is a JavaScript second rigid body physics engine for internet. This engine module uses totally different ways for creation and manipulation of engines. Matter.js could be a controller that manages change and rendering the simulation of the planet. The project is presently in alpha standing. The API of matter.js remains underneath development.



Immutable.js offers Persistent immutable list, Stack, Map, Ordered Map, Set, Ordered Set and Record. The platform is extremely economical even on trendy JavaScript virtual machines. You’ll be able to use hash maps and vectors victimization Clojure and Scala to repeat or cache the information. This platform offers lazy Seq that permits economical chaining of assortment ways while not making intermediate representations.



FormatJS is trendy assortment of JavaScript libraries for internationalization cantered on variety, information and string data formatting. The platform contains a set of core libraries that may be accustomed build the JavaScript Intl built-ins and trade wide i18n standards. FormatJS has set of integrations for common example and libraries.


Anima — CSS animations with a soul

Anima.js permits you to use delays and durations. You’ll be able to use this platform for CSS animation creation. The tool uses CSS transforms and 3D transforms with JavaScript to form an animation. You’ll be able to manage the tool with the flow in order that you’ll be able to begin, stop, cancel animations and even produce event-based stuff.



Is.js is associate freelance general purpose check library. You’ll be able to check varieties, regexps, presence, time and far a lot of alternative things victimization is.js.


minBlock.js - Generate Github Like Random Avatar

MinBlock.js JavaScript library may be used for Matrix Grid implementation. The platform was designed to come up with Github like the random avatar.



blinkTitle.js is pure JavaScript implementation of title bar alert or notification. The tool may be accustomed perform blinking of mark-up language title bar for title bar art or title bar notification.


Conditioner.js • Frizz Free, Environment-aware, JavaScript Modules

This is a best tool if your internet program needs loading and unloading behaviour. The implementation of setting behaviour is kind of simple victimization Conditioner.js, you wish to outline the needed state and also the tool takes care of rest half.