In this post we have picked little packages that a web developer should have. Several are vast to help arrange your confused code; others to assist you have better access to your files with no leaving Atom.

Atom Packages for Developers

15 Useful Atom Packages for Developers:

Color Picker


As the name involve, this package allows you pick colors, & it is as simple as a right-click and picking ‘Color Picker’. Otherwise, it can be done by clicking CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+C.


Emmet looks to be a plugins that you have to install, at all your text editor setting is. The main features of Emmet such as increasing contraction and packaging with contraction let you to work rapidly when writing HTML, CSS, Sass / SCSS and LESS syntax.


If you are familiar to Sublime Text, you might be familiar with the small preview on the right hand side window. That feature is helpful to rapidly scroll by source codes too extended for the window height.


Beautify will turn your confused code neater and more clear. It has vast support for programming language, for example HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C, C ++, C #, typescript, Objective-C, CoffeeScript, & SQL.

Atom Linter

Atom Linter comes as a ‘house’ of linting plugins for main languages, providing the top level API for linters. There are obtainable linters for JavaScript, CoffeeScript, CSS / SASS / SCSS / LESS / Ruby.

File Icons

File Icons put in icons to a filename support on the matching file type. It will put in visual development when you release a file on tab or on tree vision.

JavaScript Snippets

JavaScript Snippets lets you rapidly write a portion of JS source code. With defined short form you don’t require to inscribe code word for word, for example just type cl to make console.log & gi for getElementById.

CSS Comb

CSS Comb makes your style sheet code arrange without fail, looking neat and good-looking. You can use pre-made sorting favorites based on Zen, Yandex, or CSSComb itself, or you can even use your individual preference to make organization rules.

Git Plus

Git Plus let you to work with Git with no leaving Atom editor. Within the editor you are capable to make a Git consign, checkout, push/pull, diff & other git commands. You have to setup your & user. Email on your git config file to make every function work.

Remote Edit

Remote Edit assists you to see & edit your remote files with no leaving the editor or by the use of additional ftp applications. To start, firstly make a new host, then add via menu Packages > Remote Edit > Add New Host and insert your login info.

File-icons package

The file-icons package makes it simpler to distinguish the dissimilar file types in the plan tree.

Tag package

The tag package let you to easily insert close tags in your HTML. One more Sublime function copy in the Atom editor.

Set-syntax package

With the set-syntax package you could set the syntax for an exact file via the CMD + shift + P menu.

Linter package

This is one should have Atom packages for developers. While code the Linter package provide you advice on your coding style.

Linter-jscs package

Without Linter plugins the earlier package is valueless. The Linter-jscs package is 1 of those plugins for JavaScript creators.