Are you thinking to share things with your friends or mates or loved one? Here are solutions for your problems through which you may enable to share images, screen area, videos or a lot of things you can do with these tools. Screen capture is the solution of the issues. Now we need to know what basically screen capture is.

Screen capture offers you the way to share images, videos or screen that appear on the desktop with your friends as well as with individuals you are working. Now vast numbers of the operating system are coming with screen shot functionality or basic plug-in that assist you in capturing the required area.

But it has been seen that the screen shots taken by these systems are not enabled to fulfill all your needs that you expect. So don’t bother. Here we have compiled a list of tools that assist you in taking screenshots of the required region as well as in accomplishing the needed task. Some of them are available at free of cost and for some you need to shell out your pocket.

Free software for capturing the screenshots are spruced up with latest or advanced features with many available options such as you can customize, add effects, upload, share and many more you can do with this. Here are the best free screen capture tools for you.

Screen Capture Tools

15 Best Free Screen Capture Tools:


It is open source tools with the help of which you can take screenshots of the selected region. You can customize it also and may do things such as add effects, annotating, upload and may perform other actions as well.

CaptureIt plus:

It is a freeware tool that assists you in capturing the whole as well as the specific area of the screen. It uses hotkeys to capture screen area which is also customizable.


It is a freeware tool that lets you enable to capture the screen in two modes: full screen – captures entire screen and screen snap – captures a specific portion. It also uses hotkeys to capture screen.


Jing has the ability to capture all things which are running on the screen or area at that time.

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This application is very easy to use owing its ability to capture the entire area or a portion of it which you can save later or share online.

Screen Grab Pro:

It is free software to capture screen with features like Timer operation, Current window selection, one click grab screen and many more.

Easy Capture:

It has the ability to take a snapshot of the screen quickly with simple navigation. Through this tool, you may capture the entire screen, rectangle area, active or scrolling window, object etc.


It is handy or free software to capture screenshots. It may capture the screen in three ways, such as Full, window or region. You may use default or your own specified hotkeys to capture the screenshots.


It is a utility box that assists you in filling blank space of the window. You can fill the space of window with solid colors or image of your own choice.


It uses the traditional way to capture the whole region, or selected window portion of the screen. It offers you a wide variety of choice so that it may fit or fulfill your needs.


It is a Windows based program that assists you in taking the whole or a portion of the screen automatically. You just need to set the timer and it will automatically stop after capturing the screenshot.


It is free software to capture or record the video or screen. You may capture images or videos and later on you can share or add a comment on it.


It is freeware software and meant only for PC. You can take a different portion of the screen. After taking the snapshot, you can save it in formats such as JPG, PNG, and GIF.

PC Screen Capture:

It is free, lightweight, powerful software to capture a screenshot. You can capture the screen in four ways which you later on can save it in formats such as JPG, GIF, and PNG.


It takes the snapshots of your desktop for IT bug, training programs and many more. It is a lightweight tool along with built-in image editor.