Angular JS is really an efficient JavaScript framework, mostly used in the Single Page Application projects. This Angular JS is very crucial to afford a responsive and interactive experience while accessing the website. In order to indulge into the stunning functions and stuff to your website, you should use this directive without fail.

So, having some knowledge on this Angular JS directive is mandatory. This is where; you need to consider reading the free ebooks. Yes, through the ebooks, you will be able to know about the Angular JS directive very easily and simply. Below, I have explained 8 ebooks to get some idea about the Angular JS directive, which you have to glance on it.

eBooks to Learn AngularJS

8 Free eBooks to Learn AngularJS:

Angular JS in 60 Minutes:

This ebook is done by Lan Smith, which contains the transcription video and related screenshots for each and every topic. Side by Side, you can find the written explanation as well. This is the ebook you have to buy, if you want to learn Angular JS quickly in some minutes.

Angular JS Fundamentals:

This ebook is written by Dan Wahlin and it contains the video information about the fundamentals and basics of Angular JS. To start learning from the basics, this ebook would be the best choice to go with.

Practical Angular JS:

This ebook is written by Dinis Cruz. Hands-on-experience is something very important while you are learning any new and crucial topic. If that is the case, you have to read this ebook, since it contains step by step explanation of how to add, connect and remove the functions and components.

Recipes with Angular.Js:

It is written by Frederik Dietz. This ebook contains merely 100 pages. By reading the ebook, you will be able to know about the routing technique, URL’s, API’s, forms and several other basic ideas of Angular JS.

AngularJS Succinctly:

This ebook wholly contain 10 lessons. By reading this book, you would come to know about the expected issues and solutions of Angular JS. Added to that, you can know about the detailed explanations of how to grab the concept of angular in just a few minutes, efficient way of using the filter, directives and controllers.

A Better Way to Learn AngularJS:

This ebook contains wholly 12 portions. It affords the in and out ideas of Angular JS. This ebook is crafted by referringlimitless sources such as official documents, other books on Angular JS, videos and screencast by Egghead. Reading this ebook will assist you to get some advanced ideas regarding Angular JS directive.

Angular JS With Ruby On Rails:

This ebook is solely crafted by David Bryant Copeland. If your desire is to create the rails application using Angular JS in less than 10,000 words, you should consider referring to this ebook. However, ahead of developing the Angular JS application, you have to create an outline application, construct and examine the run features.


This ebook is constantly upgraded every now and then. Reading this ebook will let you know something about the Angular JS from a developer of .NET standpoint. Right from modularizing JS applications to IE 8, this ebook contains 7 topics totally.