Programming language is an important thing to choose and there are many different kinds of programming language. There is general purpose programming language and object oriented programming language. Here in this article we will provide you with a list of eight cloud based programming language that should be considered while you are deciding to learn a new language. These Cloud based languages are very efficient and functional and is quite easy to learn also. The cloud based programming languages are basically used for servers and database. The best cloud based programming languages are as follows:

Cloud Programming Languages

8 Best Cloud Programming Languages:

SQL Data Language:

SQL is one of the oldest cloud based programming language. SQL is the favorite of many programmers. Database servers are basically based on SQL. It is an easy to learn language and is very useful.

XML Data Language:

XML is the popular data markup language. It is a quite similar or resembles JavaScript. Many large scale distributed systems are made using XML. XML documents are widespread in the internet.

R Math Language:

This coding language is mostly used for creating statistics, graphs and reports. It has a very cool interactive interface and offers a great help to the users. This is a very handy language for big data analytics.

Clojure Math Language:

This is purely a mathematical programming language and can serve as both general purpose as well as a functional language. It is a popular language for doing data analysis.

Haskell Functional Language:

It is an extremely functional and user friendly cloud based programming language. It is best used or distributed computing. This language is being adopted by the industry with greater use.

Eriang Functional Language:

This was invented by Ericson telecommunication products. This is appropriate for carrier grade functions and it is best for cloud computing. Many cloud based applications are powered by Eriang.

Pyhton Procedural Language:

It is also known as the readable programming language. It is very easy to learn language and is very interactive.

Go procedural Language:

It is being created by Google and was introduced to substitute other difficult languages. The goggle has made this an extremely user friendly language with tutorials and playgrounds for the users.