We all have at least some or the other idea about what animation is. The fact that we come across animation and its examples almost on a regular basis has imbibed in us the elemental idea about it. Looking at the market now a days, animation has now became an indispensable part of the virtual industry. And this virtual industry is an essential part of our daily life too. So, in a way, it would only be fair to say that animation and its products and by-products holds a crucial role in our regular lifestyle. Since the birth of animation when it was just the concept of moving still pictures, which it still is though, it has evolved a lot.

Animation patterns now a day are very complex. They require exquisite coding for their design. With the transformation in the IT industry, the basics of animation have also been advanced. Mobile phones and the internet offer us a huge exposure to the world of animation. And since HTML5 is a predominant coding language in web designing so we will discuss about 10 tools offered by HTML5 that will suite the animation designers.

10 Indispensable Animation Tools for web designers

10 Indispensable Animation Tools for web designers:

Tumult Hype :- Interactive contents in web pages and other designs are always fun. And Tumult Hype is just the tool for it. We can easily use this tool for excellent web content that can be further animated.

Hippo Studios :- This is one such tool, which when if used for designing various animations or games, etc. are supported most of the latest browsers. So this serves as a very good tool for crafting animation and other such things.

Radiapp :- If you use this tool, you will be provided with crucial support interface for real-time graphics editing. And the best part is it is supported by most modern day web browsers.

Animatron :- You can use this tool in more than just a few ways. The graphic contents that are designed by using this tool are fit for both computers and as well as mobile phones.

Mixeek :- This tool comes for free. And it is up to you how you want to use it. Web animations that are interactive too can be developed through it.

Createjs :- This tool is best suited for creating games and other such graphic contents. This tool gives a combined service support of both Java Script and HTML5.

Mugeda :- The Mugeda tool can be used to create advertising banners, other animated advertising products. It is also useful in making short games. Making graphic contents for advertises is the main purpose of this tool.

Sencha :- When it comes to security and such features that you would like to have in your mobile phone, Sencha Space is the perfect tool. It provides security to the working environment of Java Script or HTML5.

HTML5 Maker :- Even without much deep knowledge about web application coding, you can create beautiful web based animated graphic content. This tool too comes for free.

Blysk :- Another very convenient tool for web animation is the Blysk tool. It can be used to create various types of web based animation projects.