Old-style content management systems like WordPress or Joomla is best, but if you construct a small website or a private blog, you possibly don’t need the ironic functionalities accessible. What you need is a simpler, more stylish and lightweight solution what you necessity is a flat CMS.

Lightweight CMS for Building Websites

12 Lightweight CMS for Building Websites:


Grav reads the reduction files that you upload in the user/pages/ folder then purifies it as pages. If you need to jump into it real fast, there are skeletons sites that you can use to kick-start your scheme.

2. Pico

Pico lets you make websites simply and blazing fast. You make content in .MD files, then upload it to the content folder on the directory. That file will become an available page on your website.

3. Dropplets

Dropplets is a humble CMS for easy blogging, with no record and calm installation in seconds to run on some server. It has a manager page for setting site favorites, but not for editing content.

4. Kirby

My preferred flat file CMS, Kirby has completed features, but is dead easy to use. Though you can add the content manually, like with additional flat CMS, there is also a web border named Kirby Panel, which lets you post your content as a page, blog, or galleria, as well as to manage the workers and roles.

5. Automad

Automad is a file based CMS intended to run without any need to a database. You can add content that are text-based saved in .txt format and uploaded to the pages folder.

6. gp|Easy

A gpEasy is a fast and cool to use flat-file CMS with various features comprised. The installation is simple, just follow a few steps to make your site complete.

7. Yellow

With Yellow you can inscribe the content in .txt format, in addition to in Markdown & HTML. When you do new installs, Yellow includes the “Home” & “About” page. Page is the default stuff.

8. WonderCMS

WonderCMS is the tiniest CMS in the world (their claim). Its size is fairly small (just 15kb on 7 files) yet it has cool features like as editing things in place.

9. RazorCMS

Razor is a flat file CMS that is simple to use even if you cannot code. To jump up your site, afterward installation goes to /login on your setting up the URL and inserts the default identifications to access the dashboard.

10. Nibbleblog

Nibbleblog uses a one-step setting up wizard. All you have to do is fill in your info and you can login to the dashboard to do the whole thing form, creating a blog post or page to setting site favorites.

11. Monstra

Monstra is an extremely lightweight (~150kb) CMS. It decreases HTML, CSS and .js files to load size and lesser HTTP round trips causing the pages to load quicker. Its features comprise mobile approachability, multiple page managers and multi-level safety for web sites.

12. Anchor

One more from myself presented blogging engine is named Anchor. Its core potential is to keep the writing procedure as easy as probable.