Android has given a new dimension to the world. It is the most used platform around the world. It is not only the greatest but also the most used mobile platform. We have seen Android grow in an exponential rate over the years and today there are at least some million Android users out there. With the amazing technical and other supports from Google Android has become the most looked up operating system.

Android has the users to offer a wide range of apps and games which are available at Google Play Store. Here in this article we will discuss about the different frameworks which can be of great use while developing an Android application. Android apps have seen revolution with these helpful frameworks which not only makes the work of the app developers easy but also it gives a higher productivity. The top 10 frameworks for Android app development are as follows:

Android App Development

Top 10 Frameworks For Android App Development:

Corona SDK:

Corona gives incredible instinctive client interface that empowers super-quick improvement of applications and amusements. The structure has wide mixed bag of APIs that make including complex elements genuinely simple and basic. The work process gives you a chance to review changes in a flash.


Phonegap is prominently utilized for web applications. The system is uncommonly intended for HTML5, CSS and JavaScript improvement. This mainstream system is supported by Apache and Adobe. Phonegap 2.0 additionally gives you a chance to create applications for Windows Phone. The new libraries and CLI options are incredible.


This framework is designed in C# and thus you are able to code android apps in C# using Xamarin. This supports Android development as well as iOS development. You can test the apps developed with Xamarin.

Sencha Touch 2:

Sencha Touch 2 is a perfect stage for sending and administration of business applications over various gadgets. This stage is famous as JavaScript and HTML5 structure. The structure offers coordinated MVC framework, 50 inbuilt parts and administration of work. You can specifically distribute your applications to Google Play Store.


This is once again a popular framework and uses Java Script for developing apps and also enhances performance. Nearly around 2 billion apps has been created using this framework.


This is a very simplified tool and the framework acts basically as an IDE of another software. Developers can use languages like Visual Basic and others to develop android applications.

JQuery Mobile:

This is an extremely light weight and famous framework based on HTML 5 and jQuery. It has mark-ups, advanced enhancement and also theme designs. It is useful if you want to create responsive apps which will run in all sorts of devices.

Dojo Mobile:

It serves as any easy platform for Java Script and HTML 5. This framework encourages quick development of apps for both iOS and Android applications. The toolkit contains amazing themes, forms and many more which can prove handy while developing.


It offers neat MVC designs with performance optimized to the highest level. This framework is basically used to optimize app performance and also improve stability of the designed app.


It is based on HTML 5 and is a quite famous framework in the market amongst the professional developers. It offers speedy building of apps as it has many useful features like the drag and drop interface and many more.