Each and every phenomenon in this whole existence follows certain rules for the lucid running of the system. Programmers are no different; they also abide by some basic rules. Well, at least successful professional programmers do abide by specific rules. Software designers have many obstacles and the fiercest deadlines. So if you are a full time programmer and want to stay a step ahead of everyone you need to strictly follow some easy thumb rules. Here in this article we will discuss seven programming rules which programmers must follow to achieve excellence and to make better progress. The seven programming rules that a programmer should always follow are as follows:

programming rules

7 Programming Rules All Programmers Should Live By:

Usage of right technology:

Software developers are always seemed to confuse about what language, framework and tool kits to use. You have to decide this all by yourself by your expertise and which is more efficient and useful for your work. Each specific tool is meant for a particular need, so you got to be sure of your needs first and then choose the appropriate technology.

Clever is not always clear:

Sometimes programmers are trapped when they try to write clever codes which are not easy to understand and have complexities. Whereas if programmers consider writing a clear code, then it is much easier to understand and also edit without any difficulties.

Write Code only when necessary:

Sometimes you need to stop writing stereotyped codes and write minimalistic codes. There are some contradictory cases where writing huge lengthy codes are not needed. You should always go for writing codes which are necessary and functional.

Know what exactly your code will do:

Programmers often jump into writing codes without fully understanding it. And it is worthless to write code without actually understanding it properly. Programmers need to be aware of the every tiny detail about the program code which they are writing.

Always test your codes:

Before you deliver your code finally you must check and test your code in every possible scenario. It is very arrogant of you if you think that you can detect each error only just by reading. So if you don’t want to be embarrassed in the final platform then please test your code thoroughly before you ship.

Try learning new things:

As you know very well, technology is getting evolved each day. So you have got to keep up yourself with the growing new technologies. To deliver efficient coding you must be aware of all the cutting edge technologies in hand.

Keep your focus on:

Always try to stay focused on the work at hand. Programmers are always flooded with work and they have to manage a lot of things, but once you lose focus on a development project, then it gets hard to come back to it again.