Wire framing is indeed an important tool in the world of programming. Wire framing tools allow us to draft various interfaces directly from websites and any mobile applications. It is also used to create very critical diagrams, prototypes and mock-ups. These wire framing tools can be used by individuals also as it is mainly used for groups also. Users can make use of wire framing tools to make out more unusual techniques and outlines.

There are many wire framing tools available on the web for free of cost, but few of them are as useful. Here in this article we will take you through the best wire framing tools available. The best wire framing tools are as follows:

10 Best Wire-Framing Tools For UX Designers:


Concept.ly - Free web & mobile(iOS,Android) prototyping and ui mockup tool

It is a very original tool to use in designing and creating interactive web applications. With this wire framing tool, it becomes very easy to create a fully fledged prototype with just a few clicks.



It is mainly used for developing advertisement campaign elements. It is an overall useful tool for banner ads and conversation based elements.


Enterprise Mobile App Builder & MBaaS - Appery.io

It is the best tool for developing JavaScript frameworks. It can be used to create mobile based or responsive website. Integration with the backend services of your website is made stronger with its cloud based platform.


WhatUsersDo - Online User Testing

It is an efficient tool for desktop and mobile or tablet testing. With this you can test the behavioral pattern in details. It is mainly useful for advance international selection and screening.



It is a best tool for website prototyping and can also be used as an HTML code editor. It can show real time preview and also provides a dedicated URL for sharing apps.


Appsee Mobile Analytics

It is a very popular mobile analysis platform. It gives an in depth details about the behavior of the user and developers.


TryMyUI Website Usability Testing - User Testing

Trymyui is known for testing website or app on any device. You can screen capture the video along with real-time audio narration for the best experience. The tool has user gestures that include taps and swipes. Trauma helps developers in providing the best user experience without using external devices.


Pencil Project

It is used as a free, open source graphical user interface prototyping. It is very easy to create mock-ups with this tool.



It is mainly used to develop and create navigation prototypes and these prototypes can be tested also using this tool. This is a very efficient tool and has loads of unique features.


Savah App

It is another good tool for creating prototypes. It offers easy drag and drop facility while creating mock-ups. It is extensively used to develop interactive mock-ups for both mobile and web applications.