Web designing & developing are one of the most happening things in the IT field. It belongs to the fraternity of software development & is hence seated amongst the few top classifications in the IT market. With the passage of time, various new approaches for web designing. One such is Java Script. It is one of the most robust & reliable platforms for putting a shape to your web developing imaginations. It would only be fair if we were to say that it is also one the most widely used approaches for web development & design.

For designing web pages & sites, we have Java Script. Java script has left its nearby competitors far behind in the race of user friendly as it offers the developers with loads of developing & designing options to choose from. AngularJS (JS for Java Script) is one such framework which is implemented so as to make any sort of alteration in the Java scripts on web pages that have already been developed. The tools provided by AngularJS so as to make necessary adjustments in the Java script code are described below.

8 Best AngularJS Tools for Developers:



This is a tool which can be availed by developers using AngularJS. This is implemented while creating & developing or modifying applications that are solely created for the use of mobile phones.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Amongst the most popular tools available to AngularJS users, Sublime Text is one such tool that stands out. It is one of its kind as it offers many developing options & special features.



Protractor is one such tool in AngularJS that primarily serves the purpose of testing the software application for errors.

Angular Deckgrid


And yet another sophisticated tool provided in the AngularJS has been Angular Deck grid. This is a robust grid that is designed for AngularJS.


Jasmine- Behavior

Don’t be deceived by the name, Jasmine is tool unit of the AngularJS. It is generally implemented whenever someone wants to design any website or web based applications.

AngularJS- karma


As does the name depicts, similar is its job. AngularJS – karma is used by developers to test the functionality of the framework for applications that are developed using java script.



If you are looking for a perfect Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing anything based on Node.js, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Web Storm is the tool that you must opt for.



There are more than many tools available for testing. And it is in the developers’ luck that Mochajs is one of them. It is an easy to use tool.