One of the major problem faced by a lot of Internet users is that they don’t remember their password for websites. The reason that they face this issue is that there is lot of websites which requires password to get logged in, If we talk about the social media then every website needs authentication from the user with their userid and password. Thus, This becomes an issue for majority of Internet users to remember many passwords. One of the best solution to avoid these issues is that we can make use of the some service called password managers which allows us to auto fill our password each time any website needs authentication.

Here are the 12 Best Password Managers that are available for free of charge and several other want to be purchased by paying it yearly. We are registered with both of them reside with their features so that you can choose top password manager that safe your online identities secure and protected.

Best Password Managers

12 Best Password Managers to Manage your Passwords Efficiently:


lastpass Password Managers

LastPass is one of the best and high-quality password managers that are the secure and consistent way to store passwords. The most important thing in LastPass Password Manager is that, you don’t just have to recall your password.



Dashlane is the better password manager that can store data in a protected way. It saves track of passwords and imports your passwords automatically from Chrome or any other browser into your safe password vault.



Truekey has the most elegant interface equated to other password managers. It is a small browser extension that shows on the top right side corner of any browser and it has an indicator that identifies when the extension is switched on.



1Password is well-regarded for offering the most influential and secure password manager on all os it runs on.



RoboForm is measured as the World’s best password manager has been a long time (since 1999). When you run RoboForm as a toolbar in your browser, every option is instantly available to you each time a browser window is released via the toolbar.

Handy Password

Handy Password

Handy Password is multi-user secret code manager and from space filler for Windows. The password manager saves your passwords in one database and routinely logs you to sites or windows account filling login & password area.



PasswordWallet save ALL of your passwords & other private info in one, suitable location – because password misunderstanding just is not necessary!



Locko is the most protected way to store your sensitive personal info. It makes your daily life much easier. You need to keep in mind only one password from now on.



Passpack Pro is an outstanding password manager with a viable collection of features that will encourage you to pick up superior security practices with stronger logins and passwords. Passpack Pro separates itself from joint features that allow you to share safe login methods with relatives and coworkers.



SplashID is the mainly trusted name in password managers with more than 10 years of delivering safety to over 1 million users. Try the all new SplashID 8 for free now. SplashID Desktop is great desktop companion software that will allow you to create and edit data and match it wirelessly by the portable version.



The NeedMyPassword online password manager tool is a wonderful tool to assist you store passwords. From credit card accounts to your Twitter page, this tool can put aside it all. After downloading the tool, just start browsing the internet as you usually would.

Sticky Password

Sticky Password

Gone are the days when a handful of easy passwords would keep your accounts safe. Experts now suggest that you use passwords with more than 12 characters, & that you do not use the similar password for more than one account. The difficulty is that most people cannot remember difficult passwords easily. But they don’t essentially want to write them down also. Password managers such as Sticky Password are the answer.