Frameworks can be defined as the basic structure of a program which helps to develop a full functioning application. This is the era of smart phones where every task is preferred to done via mobile phone. The reason behind preference is that it is an easy and portable medium to use for daily activities. You can see countless number of mobile frameworks present on internet.

Developers use the frameworks to create various interesting and useful apps. In simple language, you can say that it acts like a skeleton for the whole body of an application. The mobile frameworks are actually designed to reduce the workload of developers. They are used in both web application development as well as graphics user interface. Due to the huge demand of mobile apps, the demand of frameworks has also increased automatically. Popular mobile platforms such as android, ios and windows are totally depending on these frameworks for their apps development. Languages such as HTML, javascript and CSS are used in frameworks to construct a whole application. Some most popular mobile frameworks are listed below that are frequently used by developers.

12 Best Mobile Frameworks You Should Consider in 2017

12 Best Mobile Frameworks You Should Consider in 2017:

  1. Intel XDK

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It is a whole new and unique framework from the house Intel made for mobile platform. This framework supports a wide range of operating systems such as android, black berry, IOS, tizen and windows. Although it is newly introduced but popularity is increasing because of the addition features and capability of building cross platform hybrid mobile applications.

  1. PhoneGap

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Phonegap comes in the list of open source mobile frameworks that can be used to create various smart phone applications. Hybrid apps can be developed with the help of CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript. A single code base can be used for different mobile platforms with the help of phonegap fremewor.

  1. Sencha touch

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If you want to develop an application for enterprise purpose then nothing is better than sencha touch. It is used for commercial purpose to make high performance apps with familiar experience. The sencha mobile framework supports all leading platforms including android, ios and windows.

  1. Framework 7

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It is the leading framework for the development of IOS based applications. Framework 7 is basically made to develop hybrid apps for IOS platform. It contains many ready to use components including media list, slide panel and modals. This powerful framework is free and open source to use according to your requirement.

  1. jQuery mobile

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jQuery is a versatile mobile framework which can be used for any platform like mobile, tablet, desktop, kindle and nook. It is a strong mobile development framework which includes a number of user interfaces as presets. This framework is specially designed for mobile and touch enabled devices.

  1. Mobile angular IU

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This is the best bootstrap 3 and angular framework to build mobile applications. HTML5 language is used in this framework to provide essential components that are not available in bootstrap 3. User interface components such as switches, sidebar and overlay can be perfectly designed with it. the3 fastclick.js and overthrow.js are used in it to provide a fluent mobile experience.

  1. Monaca

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Monaca comes in the list of commercial mobile app development frameworks just like sencha touch. It has cloud based IDE to develop hybrid mobile apps with end to end application development life cycle. It offers a wide range of modules and products which can help in any kind of commercial app development.

  1. Xamarin

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This framework use shared C# code base for the development of apps. Xamarine enables you to do anything which is performed with the help of java or swift. The quality assurance and functionality test with many devices has made it to integrate with most of the platforms easily.

  1. Monocross

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With the help of, C# and the mono, you can create any kind of application for windows, IOS, webkit and android based devices. It is an open source cross platform that gives you access for native device APIs.

  1. Trigger IO

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Trigger.IO is among the unique mobile frameworks that has compatibility with both HTML5 and native access development. It is used to build hybrid mobile applications which work better than many traditional frameworks. Native functions like accelerometer, compass, camera can be accessed by using forge javascript API through trigger.IO

  1. Kendo UI

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With the help of HTML5, javascript and CSS you can create any kind of hybrid app for web or mobile through kendo UI. It comes with more than 70 jQuery widgets to make beautiful applications. Many themes come with kendo UI as preloaded featuring rich design, colour and look. Its high flexibility allows you to integrate with bootstrap and angular.

  1. Onsen UI

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Onsen comes by multiple integrations with angular, topcot and jQuery to make powerful mobile apps. It comes in the category of those mobile frameworks which has preloaded components to built desktop, mobile and tablet based applications. Javascript and HTML5 languages are used in onsen framework .