SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) is based on an XML vector image that is used to create two-dimensional images which are highly interactive and animated. You can add more effects or animation in the images through these tools. The SVG images or their behaviors are defined in XML text files. This means you can search, indexed, compressed or plug-in the apps.

There is a numerous Jquery plugins which we can utilize to manipulate and animate the SVG files. With the help of these plug-in, you may enable to perform various types of tasks such as load, animate or may even add graphics to the images.

Various tools are available in the market which enables you to create applications which you can customize later according to requirement. These tools are very easy to use, powerful, easy to handle and lightweight. They have all the latest features installed which provide you the opportunity to create applications. You can save or turn your image into animated images by adding graphics options.

Animated images are easy to handle or interact since it offers you the images for interaction. You can draw the images through the available tools which support all types of browser and if not supported by browsers, then it converts it into a proper format which you can view later on as well.

jquery svg plugins

In the following article, we will present you certain jQuery SVG plugins that assist you in building animated or interactive applications with more advanced features.

15 Best jQuery SVG Plugins for Animation:

Jquery Draw SV:

It is simple, easy to use and lightweight jQuery plug-in to animate SVG paths. You can effects in the images by using these tools or plug-in.

Animated SVG Slider:

It is simple, responsive tools which use animated SVG paths for transition effects.

Animatrix Creative:

It allows you draw and animate the SVG files. You can draw or create images through default pencil or tips. You may also import or save the images as well.

SvgPath Animation:

It is a jquery function that is used to animate the SVG file path synchronously.

Jquery Interactive SVG Map Plugin:

It converts any SVG file into the interactive or customizable map. It offers you many features such as a cross browser, preloaded maps, tooltips, markups and so forth.


It is a plug-in which is used to draw Feynman diagrams along with SVG. It supports all types of browser and many more things it supports.

SVG Avatars Generators:

It is based on SVG, which supports all the modern browsers as well as it does not rely on screen resolution. Owing this user may download their avatars in required formats as they want.

Flight Indicators:

It allows you to display high-quality flight indicators with the help of HTML, Jquery, and CSS, etc. it makes the customization as well as a real-time option very easy.

Lazy Line Painter:

It is a jQuery plug-in to prepare SVG path animations. It works by converting every line into animations line.

Gooey Menu:

It offers you the facility to build a gummy menu along a circle as menu items. It also incorporates gummy effects using SVG filters.


It is the second generation of qTip plug-in. It offers you feature like SVG support, speech bubble tips, image map support, and many more installed features.


It is an experimental script which allows you to blur any sort of HTML element. It checks whether the user’s device supports the CSS style or not, otherwise it may fallback using the SVG filters.


It is based on SVG Raphael.js which allows the users to build clocks. Through this tool, you can change the style or color of the clock and you can also do many more things.

SVG Magic:

This assists you to identify that whether the browser supports the image or not. If it did not support the image, then it changes it into the required format. One of the advantages of this tool is that there is no need to create multiple versions of images.


With the help of this tool, you can enhance the image by adding some extra features and you may also view it in different browsers. It supports the file formats such as JPG, PNG, and SVG.