Sublime text refers to a code editor of great power. Front end developers usually take help of sublime text editors for the purpose of writing codes. The sublime text editor is available with a variety of powerful packages and plug-ins. These reinforced additions of such functions to editor packages fulfill all requirements of coding. Here are the top seven Sublime Text packages that are used worldwide. Do check out these sublime text packages carefully and let us know which one do you like the most and why?

Sublime Text Packages

7 Sublime Text Packages for Front End Developers:


As the name suggests, AlignTab takes care that your code is aligned. This tool provides a user-friendly Preview Mode that lets you to check the application of the alignment. Table Mode is also a feature of this tool that lets you to define the alignment for tables in markdown language. This tool is one of the best to make your code readable.


Selected color codes being displayed with visual colors is the main function of this tool. You have the freedom to choose the color and also preview the live version. You can also include color keywords if required for easy use. ColorHighlighter supports all CSS color formats like Hex, RGB, HSV and HSL.


This plug-in brings in more enhanced features like multi-cursor and multi-selection to add to SublimeText, which helps in sparing time for editing the vast lines of code. You can undoubtedly merge or swap codes between chosen lines. This is an absolute necessity device for professional coders.

Git Gutter:

Git Gutter is the top Sublime Text plug-in if you deal with Git version control framework. The device shows signal flags in gutter region. You can alter, ad or dismisstools in your code utilizing Git Gutter. The device is helpful to immediately tally your code with commit, branch or head repository.


This tool has the best merging of Git and SVN. With this tool, you can mark changes in your written code using Modific. This can also be used to compare the differences between current and altered code by pressing Ctrl+Alt+D.

Inc Dec Value:

With this tool, you can easily increase or decrease numbers as required using the Inc Dec Value. You can alsomodify date, HEX colors and also numbers of different lines at the same time using Inc Dec Value. To increase or decrease numbers, simply press Alt + (up arrow) to increase or Alt + (down arrow) to decrease the number.

File Browser:

File Browser gives you a chance to effectively explore your files and folders in your project index. This tool backs number of console shortcuts that you can use to effortlessly explore through your task directory. The plug-in can support your work process with ease.