Currently PHP is rated as the most important and functional platform for any web developer to showcase their work. This is because it is used extensively for creating web sites. Maximum of the websites which are alive on the internet is based on PHP. A good PHP framework is very crucial to choose for a web developer and the frameworks aids the user to a great extent reducing the major work load.

PHP is one such language which has evolved a lot in the time and has become a revolutionary programming language in the web world. It has now become a well-developed language with a wide collection of libraries. Here in this article we will be presenting you with the best PHP frameworks which are available absolutely free of cost in the market. The list has been made with extra care and is according to professional recommendation and expert advice.

12 Best PHP Frameworks for PHP Developers:



This is a micro framework and is mostly used for designing basic single file apps. It has a wonderful interface and is extensible.



This is one of the most popular PHP frameworks and is also considered as the safest one. It has got some really cool debugging tools.


pop php

This is a simple but strong framework and it supports PHP 5.3+ and is extremely light weight and still has got an amazing set of different functions.



This is again light weight software but is very quick and serves as a foundation for development of any web site.



This is the lightest of all the PHP framework and is a micro framework. This is compatible with SQL also.



This extensive micro PHP framework and is faster than others and allows you to develop a site quickly and with lesser work to handle.

Fuel PHP

Fuel php

Slim Framework


This PHP framework is designed to be a light weight and slim. It is simple and quite easy to use and has several features like template rendering, powerful router, HTTP caching and many more.



This is an elegant framework and mostly used by professionals and allows faster development.

Zend Framework


This is one of the most suitable frameworks for modern web development techniques. The framework has a simple design and has user friendly interface.



This feature high quality standard and well tested web applications this PHP framework has a wonderful interface.

Cake PHP

Cake php

This is one such PHP frameworks which has been successful to help the web developer to develop a web site. The main advantage is it is new and has a faster response.