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12 Free WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins

WordPress appointment and booking plugins are best way for managing reservations and making appointments directly from your WordPress. Basically, These plugins are created by WordPress to avail a comfortable feel for user. With the help of these plugins, you can simply fix an appointment with doctor, therapist or

15 Best Dependency Management Tool for Developers

Dependency management is one of the very important jobs to make a program successful and also dependencies limit team level ability, twist away your control over the program and delay the delivery. Yet here a question is raised how to solve them? Well, the simplest answer of

15 Best Frameworks You Should Consider in 2017

Framework is considered as a structure on which a whole task can take place. In case of computer framework, it is a virtual structure where all the programming will execute. It is a package made up of files and folders including codes of HTML, java script and

10 Free Magazine Cover Creation Tools

Magazine cover creation tools are really helpful to put your face on magazine covers. Yes, it is quite possible with some interesting Photoshop creation tools. You just need to put some little bit efforts and time for creating an amazing face on latest magazine cover. In this

12 Best GIFs Compression Tools

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a picture file format that is used pictures on bitmap graphic and web in the software programs. Well, the GIFs compression only reduces the size of a file not the image quality if you are compared it with JPEG. For the standard

12 Best Free RSS Readers You Should Use

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. It’s a file details that permit you to arrange web based information from the websites. The free RSS readers save your time and also help you to visit your favorite websites. As you know that internet is

12 Linting Tools for JavaScript & CSS Code Optimization

Linting is defined as a process to run a program which identifies the specific errors in c language source code. The term lint is applied to all the tools which identify suspicious usage in software written in all computer languages. Linting tools are used by developers to

10 Best WordPress Lazy Load Plugins

Lazy Load is a technique that displays images on page only when it shown to the users. It takes some time that the real pictures of website load completely. Lazy Load improves the loading time and reduces the HTTP request mechanisms. It saves bandwidth and enhances the

10 Best Free FTP Clients For 2017

What is FTP? Where it is needed? FTP – File Transfer Protocol – It connects your computer to the web server which allows you to download and upload files.  It is software that uses the FTP connection to transfer files to and from a remote computer. This

Top 5 Cloud ERP Systems of 2017

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the hub business process managing software. ERP Systems allows an association to use a system of integrated applications. It manages an organization and automates several bank office functions allied to technology, human resources and services. This software is designed to be used