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15 Best Favicon Generators for Web Designers

Some might you have noticed that certain blogs or sites have icons that appear next to the web address. These small icons are in the form of .ICO formats and are known as Favicon. The Favicon appears only when you save the address in the browser and

6 Best WordPress Contact Forms Plugins

Are you looking to include a contact form on your WordPress site? Not certain which one of the 1625+ WordPress contact form plugins to utilize? In this article, we have picked the some best WordPress contact form plugins and evaluate their features so you can simply add

12 Useful Frameworks for Front-end Developers

Front-end development frameworks have stood a warm topic,in web designer circles for the previous few months. These useful tools set out to save time and energy when it comes to the boring tasks of designing web sites or apps. Takes a look at 12 new widespread frameworks

15 Useful Atom Packages for Developers

In this post we have picked little packages that a web developer should have. Several are vast to help arrange your confused code; others to assist you have better access to your files with no leaving Atom. 15 Useful Atom Packages for Developers: Color Picker   As

15 Best CSS Tools to Optimize Your CSS Code

CSS, which is the short form of Cascading Style Sheet, is used for constructing a website or webpage. But the point is that, CSS code alone cannot be employed for developing a website, rather it should be used in association with the HTML code. That is, CSS

15 Best PHP Social Network Scripts

Social Networking has been on boom from the last couple of years and it becomes one of the most important need if you are running a business online. As a business owner you need to have strong social media presence across all the network to either find

5 Best Open Source Tools for Students And Teachers

The education faction has discovered open source tools big and large. Experts foresee that schools will spend up to $500 million on education and training for open source tools for students and teachers, and that just incorporates charges identified with working system and learning service system. Instructors,

Top 6 Frameworks for Creating RESTful Services in Java

With the progression of time, different new methodologies for web outlining, one such is Java Script. It is a standout amongst the most vigorous & solid stage for putting a shape to your web creating creative abilities. It would just be reasonable if we somehow managed to

9 Best PHP Libraries To Send HTTP Requests

HTTP is a protocol that is intended for sending documents back & forth over the World Wide Web. And a protocol is the benefit of rules that are used to recognize which messages can be transferred & which are suitable answers to further queries. For fetching emails

15 Best Websites to Learn JavaScript

Here are the 15 Great Websites Helpful for Beginners to learn JavaScript. These websites offer the best tips, tutorials and other helpful resources. So what are you waiting for? Check on this catalog here now! 15 Best Websites to Learn JavaScript: Codecademy Codecademy is definitely the most