6 Best Code Editors for Real-time Collaboration

Code editors come exceptionally handy while programming. Code editors help in removing mistakes, bugs furthermore in including logical notes in the project. There are a lot of shared code editors that can be of your help while programming. These code editors’ help you team up your work

25 Best Data Visualization Tools

As kids, or as grown up adults, we very well know that the best way to teach anyone anything, is with the help of graphics, and visual tools. Charts, pictures, tables will convey the message 5 times better than plain long text. It becomes very essential to

10 Free IDEs and Code Editors for Programmers

Web developers have to do a lot of tedious work to complete a web design successfully. They have to work very hard to create a website. But now with IDEs and code editors the work has been a bit easier than before. The most wanted thing in

7 Must Have Productivity Tools for Java Developers

With the passage of time, various new approaches for web designing. One such is Java Script. It is one of the most robust & reliable platform for putting a shape to your web developing imaginations. It would only be fair if we were to say that it

10 Best Python Frameworks for Web Developers

A Web framework is basically a group of modules or packages that helps a web developer to write down web applications. This eases the work of the developer as they don’t have to handle minute details like sockets, protocols and many more. Python is considered as one

10 Best Free Tools To Create Fonts for Web Designers

An article or any content can be given an extra edge if it has a unique and attractive font. A font can make a lot of difference to the content and it represents the style of the designer. There are many fonts that professional web or graphic

15 Best Android Code Editors for Mobile Developers

If you are a total programming freak and don’t want to miss out any opportunity for coding, then you might need a good Android code editor. The Android Code Editors will allow you to check for error and look over some of the wayward lines of the

7 Important Tips To Mitigate Data Breaches

Data breach is a terrific accident for any business organization or any institution. And it becomes for scary when you have some important top secret files breached from your organization. In recent days there has been many cases where data breaching has made the company come down

13 Best Free Server & Network Monitoring Tools

The IT industry is subdivided into two basic broad categories. One being the programmers, and the other people who manage networks. Networking is the most interesting job. Managing how things are connected to keep them connected is amazing to exercise on. It needs you to have a

10 Best Dropbox Alternatives for Small Business Storage Needs

The amount of data we process today, and the amount of data that every personal Home based user possesses today is 5 times better than the amount of data, that was processed in the computer, used to send a man to the moon. We have come a