15 Best UI Kits for Web Designers

The way to make your projects more attractive and eye catching, the web designer is always in searching for the latest UI kits for their minor as well as major projects. These UI kits are helpful in creating a solution to the particular design problem. These UI Kits for Web Designers are coded up with CSS3 techniques and all handy UI elements. By downloading these kits, a web designer like you can make his projects more stunning and beautiful in the eyes of the audience.

You can find easily these UI kits on Internet to get any kind of help for the particular developing project. With these UI kits, one can get an idea to create more user-friendly websites and this kit will provide you the collection of rich featured templates. Get in touch with some free and premium UI kits that really deliver you the appropriate results.

15 Best UI Kits for Web Designers:-

  1. Kauf iOS UI Kit

UI Kits for Web Designers

This UI Kits for Web Designers are of high quality that consists of a premium pack of 67 handcrafted stress-free screens and basically meant to provide high speed to the designs.

2. Livo UI Kit

This kit is one of the modern and attractive ones for creating new apps. This kit is made up of sketches and includes 210 mobile screens in 8 categories. The particular screen is completely customizable and easy to use.

3. Routes

UI Kits for Web Designers

The route is the biggest UI Kits for Web Designers meant for the websites which are combination of UI elements and 100+ qualitative screens.

4. Kama iOS UI Kit

It is also one of the modern mobile UI Kits for Web Designers to make work more effective and efficient with high productivity. The particular component consisting of this kit is fully customizable and easy to perform. It is the mixture of excellent vector elements, grids, and well-organized layers.

5.  12 Weeks Marathon UI Kit

UI Kits for Web Designers

It is one of the high-quality templates specially made for the mobile applications. The particular screen of this kit is high assembled in Sketch 3. With the help of this, one can easily design any kind of design with attractive features.

6. Vanilla UI Kit

This UI Kits for Web Designers is one of the suitable packages popularizes brands in an efficient manner. This kit provides the simple way to represent the brand in the whole market.

7. Awesome Spice Desktop UI Kit

UI Kits for Web Designers

This UI Kits for Web Designers are the right way solution for the entire restaurant holding projects. This kit is designed in sketch 3.6 with high professional designs and one can easily handle it. This kit gives full control over the particular element.

8. Module 01

UI Kits for Web Designers

It is a big and stylish kit which is full of new elements which convert your complex website designs into an easy mode. This UI Kits for Web Designers includes 130 components, 5 extraordinary page samples, 8 categories and free Google fonts and much more.

9.  Ink

UI Kits for Web Designers

Ink kit is the collective package of 200 above high-quality iOS templates which simplify the designs and helpful in developing interactive websites.

10.   Bolder

UI Kits for Web Designers

It is a multi-purpose mobile template that provides high pixel quality and vector screens. These screens consist of 4 big categories like Login, Profiles, Article & Reading and E-commerce.

11.   Baikal UI Kit

This kit consists of simple components, styles that make the website more attractive. One can easily customize these styles to make a new one according to the choice.

12.   Splash UI Kit

It is high polished UI Kits for Web Designers for your websites and contains more than 180 screens. One can easily combine splash elements to create interactive pages.

13.   Smart Growth Mobile UI Kit

UI Kits for Web Designers

It is one of the colorful UI Kits for Web Designers through which one can adjust its websites according to the preferred colors or may also create an own color scheme.

14.   4eeder

It is professional UI kit contain 36 responsive web pages, 6 styles, 200 elements and 21 categories to make websites more attractive.

15.   Codama iOS Wireframe UI Kit

UI Kits for Web Designers

It is one of the professional wire frame kits that help the users to design the app by saving time as well as energy.

12 Best PHP Shopping Cart Scripts for Developers

PHP shopping cart script is one of the most secure payment gateways for your websites. PHP with its premium features which saves a lot of time in developing payment criteria for your PHP websites. There is a large list of PHP shopping Cart scripts which are very easy to use and provides the efficient way to get the shopping cart for your websites. This is one of the perfect ways to deliver the user-friendly environment for all the visitors.

These collections of free PHP shopping cart scripts will allow you to set up an online store to manage and sell you products in the internet marketing. These shopping cart scripts give high growth to your business and are one of the more secure ways to fit the business needs. So get familiar with some of the PHP Shopping Cart Scripts mainly developed for the PHP developers.

PHP Shopping Cart Scripts

12 Best PHP Shopping Cart Scripts for Developers:-

  1. Quick Paypal Order

PHP Shopping Cart Scripts

Through this shopping cart script, one can sell goods online like PDF documents, ZIP archives, e-books etc. It is one of the easy configuration through which you set filename, price and your PayPal address. Once the customer completes the order related information, developers will receive confirmations through email with a unique download link regarding the product.

  1. Symbiotic

PHP Shopping Cart Scripts

Symbiotic is a powerful system which can integrate with new as well as the old websites using PayPal standards. Through this, one can accept one-time payments as well as recurring payments. There is also existing a secure admin page where you can view and manage all the payments, subscriptions, items and settings.

  1. PrintPixel

It is a standalone shopping cart basically made for selling and printing custom designed products. This app allows the users to browse, customize as well as check out all the products on a single page. This application is a responsive one. Print Pixel can be used on any interface like mobile, tablets as well as desktops.

4. LivelyCart

PHP Shopping Cart Scripts

LivelyCart is very easy to use and is one of the customizable PHP Shopping Cart Scripts. This cart is made up of 2 checkout options which can be used by PayPal as well as Submit order by Email.

5. Universal Digital Shop

It is one of the powerful PHP Shopping Cart Scripts which is used to sell digital products directly on your websites. This app has multiple payment gateways like PayPal,  InterKassa, EgoPay, Perfect Money, BitPay, and Stripe. This is one of the easiest and perfect ways to distribute digital products online.

6. PaypPal Pro Payment Terminal

PHP Shopping Cart Scripts

This script cart allows the clients to have quick and easy payment with any major credit cards like Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. This script provides two easy steps like the customer can input price themselves and type descriptions and the second one is turned on pre-defined services from the drop down list.

7. Simplified PHP Invoice/Billing System

It is the fastest billing system that enables you to create products and items using the bootstrap system. It also consists great feature for the invoice calculations for items, quantity, discounts etc.

8.  Eshop

It is one of the relevant E-commerce platforms for selling products and allows users to browse and customize the products all in the similar page. It is responsive application meant for mobiles, tablets as well as desktops.

  1. Kayebo Marketplace

PHP Shopping Cart Scripts

This is one of the powerful PHP Shopping Cart Scripts. It is completely customizable and build on the smart framework of PHP.

10.   ApPHP Shopping Cart

It is one of the fully customizable PHP Shopping Cart Scripts that allows visitors to collect items in multiple web pages. This script provides all the necessary features that include multi-currency and multi-language support.

11.   eCom

PHP Shopping Cart Scripts

It is a simple, easy to use PHP Shopping Cart Scripts for building dynamic online shopping store. This cart gives full control over product pages and orders.

12.   Stripe Advanced Payment Terminal

PHP Shopping Cart Scripts

With the help of this PHP Shopping Cart Scripts, one can easily accept payments on websites. It also contains secure admin where one can manage all the payments, items and settings etc.

15 Best jQuery Horizontal Scroll Plugins

JQuery is a JavaScript library that doesn’t have its own syntax. JQuery, Prototype, Dojo, MooTools and many other libraries can’t judge as a language. A library JQuery used to simplify HTML document traversing, animations, event handling and Ajax interactions for the fast website development. It simplifies the client side scripting of HTML plus Web 2.0 applications development. As it works on several web browsers.

JQuery plugin is a method that we use to enlarge prototype object of JQuery. Well, the idea of plugin is to do great with the set of elements. The jQuery horizontal scroll plugins permits you to develop horizontal special effects for your websites. In this article we are informing you about 15 jQuery horizontal scroll plugins. With these plugins you can scroll your website pages and contents horizontally. The sites look beautiful and distinctive as you compare with other websites.

The jQuery horizontal scroll plugins are so simple to use and integrated to your websites. Well, it helps you to accomplish such as animated effects for your websites. We have compiled here 15 jQuery horizontal scroll plugins.

jQuery Horizontal Scroll Plugins

15 Best jQuery Horizontal Scroll Plugins:-

  1. Scroll Magic

Scroll Magic is essential for you to use the scroll bar same as a progress bar.

  • First, you start an animation at a particular scroll position.
  • Then you can synchronize an animation to the movement of scrollbar.
  • You can pin an element at a particular scroll position.
  • After that you can pin an element for the partial quantity of scroll progress.
  • Simply add up the parallax effect to your website.
  • Develop an infinitely scrolling page.
  1. JInvertScroll

JlnvertScroll is one of the jQuery horizontal scroll plugins. It’s a lightweight plugin that permits you to shift in a horizontal with parallax effect while you are scrolling down. This is so simple to set up and requires no configuration.

  1. Smooth Div Scroll

Smooth Div Scroll that scroll content horizontally right or left. It doesn’t border the scrolling to separate steps. Well, smooth and unobtrusive is the key here.

  1. Sly

Sly is one of the jQuery horizontal scroll plugins. This is one directional scrolling which is based on navigation support. It is used a great navigation and simple scrollbar replacement.

  1. jQuery SerialScroll

It permits you to animate any sequence of elements by scrolling them. It simply uses jQuery.Scroll to get the scrolling animation.

  1. js

FullPage.js is one of the jQuery horizontal scroll plugins. It is to develop the full screen scrolling websites in an easy way.

  1. js

HorizontalScroll.js permits you for the websites to scroll horizontally left or right.

  1. jQuery Custom Content Scroller

JQuery Custom Content Scroller has many features mouse wheel support, scroll easing and vertical/horizontal scrolling.

  1. NiceScroll

NiceScroll is one of the jQuery horizontal scroll plugins supports textarea, document page scrollbars, DIVs and IFrames. It supports both horizontal and vertical scrollbar.

  1. Tiny Scrollbar

Tiny Scrollbar is an elegant and nice way to scroll the content on desktop or mobile devices. It is simply designed to be a lightweight utility.

  1. PageScroll Menu

PageScroll Menu is a landing page and one page website. It provides a flat scrolling animation.

  1. jQuery Kinetic

It is one of the jQuery horizontal scroll plugin which adds the flat drag scrolling.

  1. Horwheel

Horwheel is one of the tools to scroll in a horizontal direction with a mouse wheel.

  1. Optiscroll

Optiscroll is a highly optimized scroll bar library. It adds some custom events. This is the method to enlarge browser scroll functionalities.

  1. Perfect Scrollbar

Perfect Scrollbar is a scrollable region which works both for horizontal and vertical scroll.

16 Best CSS Code Generators for Developers

The web developers are always looking for alternative ways to secure time in their schedule. Many of the dev tools make the process easier and also get the refined product fast. There is a new tool meant called as a code generator, is a source that generates a computer programming language or specific sort of code. You can simply type the code from any computer system and also test the effect live in your browser.

Well, the best CSS code generators will build onto your code fast and help you iterate. If you once understand that what code you have to generate then you just need to search out the absolute tool for the job. We have listed out 16 best CSS code generators for developers.

16 Best CSS Code Generators for Developers:

  1. CSS3 Generator:

CSS code generators

Well, CSS3 generator is an example of the code snippets which you might need in every situation. It includes for box shadows, flexbox property, and CSS columns.

  1. CSS Type Set:

CSS type set is one of the best CSS code generators for developers which are mainly the site to use. You may enter the text, font size, letter spacing, and update the settings for font family and color.

  1. Flexy Boxes:

If you have any doubt regarding flexy boxes then you need to use it. Well, it wraps the differences between each and every versions of flex box.

  1. CSSmatic:

CSSmatic is one of the best CSS code generators for developers which are another multi-generator website. It is with 4 individual sections such as noise textures, box shadows, CSS gradients and border radii.

  1. Patternify:

CSS code generators

Patternify is one of the free CSS pattern generators along with an absolute visual editor. Well, everything is easily managed from the browser, so, you just need is an internet connectivity.

  1. Base64 CSS:

Base64 CSS is one of the best CSS code generators for developers which mainly outputs raw base64 picture code with voluntary snippets for CSS background images.

  1. Enjoy CSS:

Enjoy CSS is a web app which works like a visual editor or code generator i.e. rolled into one.

  1. ColorZilla Gradients:

CSS code generators

ColorZilla Gradients is one of the best CSS code generators for developers are always a pain. Well, there are several ways to construct your own gradient mixins in Sass which installation good.

  1. WAIT! Animate:

WAIT! Animate helps you to develop the right code to get this smaller hack to role appropriately. This is one of the latest web apps which are based on Font Awesome animation library.

  1. CSS Button Generator:

CSS code generators

CSS button generator is one of the best CSS code generators for developers. You need to access for growing a library of CSS code and custom buttons which are generally use to build them. Well, you can modify them as a template, create your own buttons from scratch and copy pre-existing buttons.

  1. CSSportal:

CSSportal is one of the best CSS code generators for developers which permit you to edit the complete CSS file.

  1. CSS Frame Generator:

Well, you will enter your XTML code after that the developers will grab that code. They send over to one of their scientists. Lastly, you get in return your CSS frame.

  1. Typetester:

CSS code generators

Typetester is one of the best CSS code generators for developers which are a complete blown typography editor.

  1. CleanCSS:

CleanCSS is a JavaScript, HTML, CSS playground to share and test code snippets. In this code generator, you can simply beautify your CSS code.

  1. Grid Designer:

CSS code generators

Grid designer is one of the best CSS code generators for developers which have many features but the main is in creative review magazine.

  1. Telerik Visual Style Builder:

CSS code generators

Telerik visual style builder is used to generate a computer programming language or specific sort of code.

12 Best PHP Poll Scripts for Developers

PHP poll script is use to create Schedule polls, Customize poll appearance and multiple choice questions with possible answers.  Do you know how Poll helps to site owners and developers? It is basically help owners to understand the audience of their sites and the exact feedback to enhance their business. Are you looking for best PHP poll scripts? Don’t worry in this article we have listed best PHP poll scripts which helps to improve interactivity between owners and visitors by delivering the exact feedback and to get clear that what a visitor exactly want from the site owners.

PHP Poll Scripts

12 Best PHP Poll Scripts for Developers:-

  1. Poll Ajax: –

Poll Ajax is a vibrant and extensive polling system often using My SQL and PHP. This script comes with an installation process to create database manually. By using this script you can simply insert & use polls into any page.

  1. Flipper Roll: –

This is one of the simple and best PHP poll scripts for developers. It is very lightweight poll script that can install by integrated installation but also has backend administrator panel. You can add unlimited options and use it in different styles.

  1. Poll Creator: –

Poll creator is also suitable and best PHP Poll Scripts for developers. This script offers you ways to create polls and display them on websites, complete with membership system and stats.

  1. Puerto poll script: –

This is an awesome My SQL based script allows you to create polls with so many styles and colours. This script has built by using web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and PHP5.

  1. Smart survey: –

This is convenient and best PHP poll scripts for developers especially for the field of applied statistics. This technique associated with survey data collection techniques and also some methods for improving accuracy of responses and number of surveys.

  1. Pro polls: –

Pro polls are basically a powerful script design to create premium polls to gain a valuable feedback. This script is powered by PHP and MY SQL to protect you against powerful codeigniter PHP framework, CSRF attacks.

  1. Survey engine: –

This is best PHP poll script help you to setup easy and quickly. Survey engine offers us two way table analyses, easy to translate any language and admin authentication as well.

  1. Paragon poll: –

If you want to do an efficient opinion sampling and public survey then it can be easily done with the help of paragon poll. This is one of the best PHP poll scripts which Suggest options to admin panel for better assessment.

  1. JAX poll: –

JAX poll is a best polling widget for the websites. In this we just need to add few lines in HTML of web page after uploading the code. This script doesn’t need any post installation setup and database. It will automatically upload the JQuery library if you are not using it before.

  1. Flexible poll: –

This is one of the best PHP poll scripts and poll management system. You can publish it on any of the web pages and you can create awesome polls results as .xml and .pdf files according your wish or requirement.

  1. Vote it up: –

This is Best PHP poll scripts which allow visitors to vote for pictures, articles and posts on your websites. Vote it Up is very easy to customize because in this you just need to configure URL of your website into Configuration file. This is very smooth PHP poll components and scripts don’t need any coding.

  1. EZ poll: –

EZ poll is very easy to Use PHP poll script and best interface for web applications. This is a wonderful comes up with many options like limiting votes per day and time sensitive polls.